Help for Identity Theft Victims

Help for Identity Theft Victims

We’re glad that you have visited our site, but our firm does not represent victims of identity theft.  If you are a victim of identity theft and need help, we would like to offer you some resources that can help you protect yourself and find help if you need it.

Steps to Protect Yourself

If you suspect that you have been the victim of an identity theft, your first steps should be to stop any further harm.

  1. Set up a file where you can store all your information about the identity theft. This can be either an electronic or a paper file, so long as you put all your documents in the same place so you can find them when you need them.
  2. Notify the major credit bureaus that you believe you have been a victim of identity theft and ask them to place a fraud alert on your file. This will put a note in your file so that potential creditors will know to check the identity of anyone who asks to open credit.  You can reach these credit bureaus at the following websites:

  1. Cancel any credit cards that are missing or that have been compromised. These credit card companies will close your account and issue new cards with new account numbers for you to use.
  2. Review your credit card statements and dispute any suspicious charges in writing. While may credit card companies will allow you to dispute by phone and will remove suspicious charges with a call, you should dispute in writing.  Federal law protects consumers from unauthorized charges, but only if they dispute in writing.
  3. Fill out the Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Affidavit. Federal law requires the credit bureaus to remove and block any information on your credit report that is disputed with an identity theft affidavit.  You can find the affidavit on the CFPB’s web site

  1. Get your credit reports and dispute and accounts that aren’t yours. Write to the credit bureaus and use the FTC affidavit to support your dispute.
  2. Get help from a qualified credit report or identity theft attorney. If you feel overwhelmed by having your identity stolen, an identity theft or credit reporting attorney can help.  Our firm recommends identity theft attorney Ian Lyngklip of Lyngklip & Associates, Consumer Law Center, PLC in Oak Park, MI.

His web site includes resources for identity theft victims and consumers who have errors on their credit reports.  His firm handles cases on a contingency basis, so consumers never pay up front fees and only pay it he is able to recover compensation for you.  You can contact his firm at (248) 208-8864.  You can find his web site here:




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