Do you have a DUI on your record? You can now get it expunged.

Were you convicted of a crime when you were young and need to clear it from your record?  Or, did you get caught up in a situation that wasn’t really something you would do?  Or, did you make a mistake and receive a criminal conviction?  If so, the laws in the State of Michigan allow you to have certain convictions “set aside” or expunged.  Setting aside a conviction does not mean that every single website with information about your record will be wiped clean (you may have to do that separately from the expungement process).  What it does mean is that if the judge grants your expungement, it will be erased from your public criminal record with the Michigan State Police.  When background checks are performed, your record should no longer reflect that conviction.  Only police officers should be able to see that your prior convictions have been “set aside.”  Contact Fran Murphy Law PLC to talk to an attorney who can give you the individualized attention you need for an expungement.

Your DUI can be set aside as early as March 9, 2022

If you were convicted of a DUI, legally known as “operating while intoxicated,” and five years have passed since your sentence ended (typically probation), you can now seek to aside your OWI conviction.  The new law only allows you to set aside a conviction if it is the first offense.  There are limitations too.  For example, this does not mean that the OWI will be removed from your driving record.  If the offense caused injury or death, or if you were driving as a commercial vehicle driver, you cannot get your OWI set aside.

For many people, this new law will allow them to, in effect, clear their record.  If you’re looking to do just that, call Fran Murphy Law for a free consultation.

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